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Inside Out Inspections breaks your property down and assesses the condition into eight main categories. You will receive a summarized break down of problems observed and inspected for each categories and the condition of each will be assigned an overall score on the scale of one to five, with one being the best. These categories are as follows:


  • Moisture concerns of the basement walls.
  • Condition of Concrete/Masonry
  • Other structural concerns


  • Condition of porches, basement access
  • Condition of windows, trim, and siding


  • Condition of Roof, fascia, and gutters
  • Life expectancy assessment of roof, gutters, etc.
  • Visual inspection of Chimney, vents


  • Condition of waterlines
  • Evaluation of water heater
  • Inspection of toilets, sinks, water pressure, etc.


  • Condition of wires and outlets
  • Evaluation of electrical panel
  • polarity checking of outlets for errors

Heating and Air Conditioning

  • HVAC inspected and assessed for life expectancy
  • Condition of central air units
  • Check for gas leaks


  • Condition of walls, paint and interior windows
  • Condition floors carpeting
  • Check ceiling conditions for cracks, leaks


  • Condition of kitchen appliances
  • Checks for leaks of tub/shower enclosure
  • Check insulation, ventilation

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